A platform for brands to raise awareness among youths through sponsorships

Sponsor Events

Look through thousands of events happening in your region and take the opportunity to be part of the marketing and branding campaigns/events offered to you by boosting your products and services.

Tracking and Reporting Tool

Check out live updates on how the event organizers are doing. Get instant report before and after the event ends. You will be able to see how many participants attended, who came and a template report generated to you by the organizer after the event!

There will be YouthsToday.com app that is compulsory for the organizer to use in order to create that report for you

Timeline and Analytics

Get the analytics of age group, attendees, and details of the participants that engage with your branding. You will be able to see who are they, where they are from and how your brands are featured to them.

Sign Up As A Sponsor

Start looking for events to sponsor and explore other benefits:

Connect with event organizers
Your very own YouthsToday brand's profile page
Sponsorship tracking and reporting tools
Timeline and analytics

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